Your Dream Wedding Assistant
Hello Lovebirds!

Congratulations on your decision to bring your love journey to the next level. Along with family and everyone you shared this big news, We're equally as excited about your big day. Certainly, you would want to have your wedding moment becomes one of your most memorable moments in your life, and it takes a lot of preparations to do so. Not to mention in our custom, we still preserve and hold the beautiful values of our cultural background in our wedding ceremony.

With years of our experience in handling wedding planning and organizing, we certainly feel so excited and honored to become your partner in helping you to create this event becomes one of your lifetime memories. We elegantly personalize your wedding by uplifting your lifetime moment with a personal touch. We deliver with passion since your smile and happiness truly bring us the joy. And, we enchantingly preserve the rich and beauty of your cultural heritage.

We are very much eager and ready to hear about your wedding dreams. We look forward to see 'Rama' to the 'Sinta', and 'Sinta' to the 'Rama' on the aisle.

Why Choose Adhyakti?

Our goal is to provide you with a sense of comfort and assurance. No need to get worked up on your long-awaited event; we'll get it done for you.

At Adhyakti, we believe that the core successes of all events are coming from the strong team working in the background. That's why, together with qualified vendors and partners, we work to ensure that you have a highly conceptualized event, limiting the numbers of weddings or events to two per month. We always strive to be personal yet professional to cater our clients' needs with our highly responsible team, bringing forth hassle-free and valuable services to help you deliver your best wedding and family events to life.

Our Services

Let us take over your stresses by handling an end-to-end service. From consulting, event planning to D-Day organizing, we aim to provide your great event at maximum ease


We'll take over the charge during D-Day and you're free to enjoy your event together with your loved ones


Gain insight from us on how to plan and conduct your event, if you ever think of doing one yourself. We will guide you on the planning, preparation and execution process

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Your Dream Wedding Assistant